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Contemporary energy and supply engineering facilities substantially rely on modern systems for measurement and (closed loop) control of technical processes. Starting with the invention of programmable logic controllers (PLC) in the middle of the 70s as well as of Direct Digital Control (DDC) techology in the beginning of the 80s, microprocessor based (closed loop) control has continuously evolved. A strong decline in the price of microprocessors that was caused by the highly dynamic semi conductor development not only brought microprocessor technology to almost any technical application - also networking and communications rapidly emerged and finally lead to applications like the ubiquitous internet.
Also DDC technology adopted in the branch of energy and supply engineering did profit by this development so automation and control technology today has established as modern and mature, anyhow cost-efficient technology.

Though automation and control technology often becomes planned and tendered separately, we are opined that integrated planning of facility and process engineering as well as automation technology delivers great advantages - our experience as well as our customers' contentment confirms our opinion.

Planning also your automation system we seek to realize the following goals:

Automated operation

We are anxious that your facilities operate autonomously and to your content on a high level. By reducing the efforts of manual intervention not only personnel costs can be lowered, also more time remains for pursuing your originary business tasks.

High availability

Service interruption or fault causes unpleasant additional expenses or even worse economical disprofit. We help you to get your facility work reliably!

Industrial safety

Health and employment protection is of high importance to us in order for you to acquire the acknowledgement of the industrial inspectorate as well as of responsible technical experts.

Energy efficiency

By saving ressources and energy not only the environment is saved, but also your budget. Let us inform you about optimization potentials!

Modern technology

Choosing the appropriate automation and control components we pay close attention to quality, system compatibility as well as reliability.

Our know-how

As planner of industrial engineering objects we are well aware of how your facilities should operate best and and can derive suitable automation concepts without 'friction loss' or delay in time. On this behalf we utilise planning tools that were developed on the basis of our project experience.
So you can feel assured to obtain an automation and control concept of high quality while we may use saved time on finding innovative and optimal solutions that help your facility operate even more efficiently.

Our references

Roegelein Ingenieure are responsible for automation and control technology planning of following projects:

- Munich Airport
Usage of lost heat of the motive power unit by absorption heat pump for supply to district heating
- Helmholtz Center Munich Neuherberg
Modernisation of water treatment in the energy station during running operation of heating period 2006/2007
- Video Munich Airport Franz Josef Strauss
Construction of a temporary district cooling station (TKZ) for Terminal 2 and luggage sorting facility
- Video Helmholtz Center Munich Neuherberg
Gas turbine block heat and power plant for combined heat, cooling and power (CHCP) trigeneration
- Munich Airport Franz Josef Strauss
Extension of the supply station ("Versorgungszentrale")
- Residential and office building Arnulf-/Safferlingstrasse, Munich
Planning of heating and ventilation facilities
- Officials' school Herrsching
Modernisation of technical equipment of the building
- Housing estate Terofalstrasse 3+5, Munich (110 flats)
Heating installation modernisation using condensing boiler technology
- Waste incineration facility Geiselbullach
Installation of a district heating station with heat and power cogeneration (CHP), heat extraction from the furnance's grate cooling and backup boiler plant in the boiler house
- Office building Delta Office Center (DSC) Freising
Planning of technical equipment of buildings
- Public services Bernau/Brandenburg
Reorganisation of heat plant and district heating with combined heat and power (CHP)

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